Burgundy & Thyme is just another blog, by some writer, who also happens to love food, coffee, and sometimes has thoughts.  Sometimes they’re deep, sometimes they’re just delicious, and sometimes (more often than not) they’re fueled by caffeine.

The Basics: Jen (the writer) is some chick who spends some time working at a coffee shop, loves reading and writing, eating and baking, and has meaningful encounters with her morning cup of coffee.  Oftentimes these will all lead her on adventures from Spring to late Autumn (“Screw winter!”), and here is where she will share those adventures, recipes, literary impressions, and more with you.

The Nitty-Gritty (further details for those of you who want them): Jen graduated Southern New Hampshire University in August 2016 with a BA in English and Creative Writing, Summa Cum Laude.  While she hasn’t yet found her dream job, blogging  and creative writing is pretty darn close, and she’s been linked to a number of odd jobs in the search for survival: archaeologist, automotive repair shop driver, dog groomer, barista, and copywriter are just the main ones in a long list of recruiteable skills.  But, really, the things that make her the most happy in life are books, coffee, and cooking.  Food, caffeine, and the written word are her three vices, so overall she thinks she’s doing better than a lot of other people.

Jen grew up in Santa Monica, California, where she attended Santa Monica High School and had big dreams of drifting off into oblivion in the world of archaeology, living peacefully from one dig to another, imagining herself one day writing her memoirs of world travel and archaeological exploit.  She attended Santa Monica College some of the time, where she was able to pursue opportunities to travel through Central and South America, digging up dead people and their junk that they left around hundreds and even thousands of years ago.  But life took another turn when, due to conditions beyond her own control, Jen found herself no longer in college and out in the workforce.  She spent time as a go-fer at a German Auto repair facility in West LA.  It was during this time that she found the love of her life – her cockatiel Orsino – when one of her coworkers found the little street rat (with wings) living under a car in Inglewood.  His previous family was never found, but he didn’t seem to mind, and from day one called Jen “Mom,” in cockatiel speak.

Jen, Orsino, and her mom, relocated to a small city in Missouri, during the crash of 2008, and struggled to find food, lodging, and jobs in a depressed neighborhood.  So, Jen settled for the role of Dog Groomer at a commercial chain store.  It made good money, but it was none of her passions, all rolled up into one.  Despite that, she managed to find two more birds who needed good homes, and now lives comfortably with her flock.  Needless to say, when she had a chance to start a job at the local chain bookstore’s cafe (“Because my two favorite things in the world are books and coffee”), she jumped at the opportunity.  She was soon promoted and switched stores, and now commutes to one of the largest stores in the St. Louis area, where she is proud to be an assistant cafe manager, but misses her birds (yes, now it’s plural) terribly while she’s away from home.  Cooking, reading, and spending time snuggling are how she has adapted to the slower-paced life of Missouri living.

Perhaps the most important part of her life, though, is writing.  Writing was a way to pass the time when she was a kid, and in high school she always received the highest grades in creative writing assignments.  During her time dog grooming and then working at the bookstore, writing became a hobby, but then …well, it took on a life of its own, and quickly consumed her every waking thought.  So, when the opportunity to return to college arose, Jen decided that a degree in creative writing, while not necessary, would certainly help in the long run and help fuel that creative urge, refine her abilities, and ultimately help in the long run.  Jen is currently refining her first novel with a little help from some friends and hoping for publication sometime in 2017 (“We’ll talk, we’ll see”).

In the meantime, she gets random ideas for new plots, some plot twists for old ideas, and eats well while she does it.  Cooking became a good hobby for her, and both cooking and baking are something she’s good at (most of the time), so she sometimes sees the world through the adventures of book characters, through her exploits in the kitchen, and other caffeine-induced adventures.