What to Expect for the Unexpecting

So, I’m sitting here wondering what to type, eating blueberry and almond coffee cake out of a red Solo cup. It was still so fresh and warm, just out of the oven, that it completely crumbled into bits when I tried to cut myself a slice, and I just couldn’t wait.  I had to have it. I had been taking photos of it (for you guys – I’ll get to that soon enough, don’t you worry) for half an hour while I made it, then I had to sit in the living room smelling it for another hour, and then I had to photograph the finished product for you.  And the whole time, all I could think of was … damn that’s a sexy pastry right there.

As I’m now sitting with the cup beside me on my bed (yes, I know, crumbs, OMG!), all I can do is salivate on my keyboard.  I keep glancing over at it involuntarily as I type, and in between paragraphs I’m taking bits and pieces with a plastic fork and shoveling this messy, ridiculously luscious, still warm cake into my mouth.  The toasty almonds crunch and get stuck between my teeth, while the occasional whole blueberry will suddenly burst inside my mouth mid-thought.

Yes, It’s blurry. No, I couldn’t do better tonight.

But this isn’t about a coffee cake recipe.  This is about what to expect; from me, from this blog, what I hope to accomplish, yada yada.

The accomplishment goal is simple: I’ve always been told I’m a great storyteller, and I love books, coffee, cooking, and baking the most out of life.  They are my simple pleasures.

Hot damn, there went another blueberry bomb in my mouth.  …. Sorry, I just had a moment.

So, what can you expect out of this?  Adventures, big and small.  You can expect honest opinions about authors, books I read, books I stare at longingly.  You can expect recipes and my commentary on them, whether they’re mine originally or not (this isn’t a food network confessional, I don’t come up with every single thing I cook).  And, since coffee is life, you can expect some of that commentary thrown in.

Mostly, this is just my own personal ramblings, my opinions, and a place to collect my thoughts.  Usually, the photos will be better than this, but tonight I’m using my phone.  Because it’s 11:40 and I’ve had seven hours of sleep in the last three days.


Yes, there will be a little bit of everything, but those are the things I’m focusing on for now – coffee, books, and food.  If you don’t like it, click the “x” in the top right corner of your screen now, because once you go down this rabbit hole, well…it’s hard to get back out.

And, yes …. there WILL be food porn (exhibit A: photos above).

What are my long-term goals?  Show you guys how much fun it is to cook and the different things you can explore with coffee.  I want to feature authors and books, and share my adventures while writing my own.  Mostly, though, I want this to be a place where I can come to explore life’s little adventures with you weirdos (you’re still reading?  wow!).

Alright, the exhaustion is kicking my butt.  Enough rambling for tonight.  Blog website still under construction … I’ll see you guys when I get this thing up and running for good.


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